Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Grouse!

     The season started with a bang, lots of them. A good grouse population the year before combined with a mild dry spring created a year of abundant grouse. Yesterday, figuring conservatively, three of us hunting moved thirty-eight grouse during five hours of hunting. That easily is the best day of my life. Thirty bird days are almost unheard of.
     The day before we moved over twenty woodcock, so this may well be the season we talk about for the rest of our lives.
Colby with a grouse
     Last night, three tired hunters celebrated with over woodcock and grouse for dinner, while four tired dogs slept silently.


  1. I haven't moved thirty eight grouse in my life.

  2. Wow. What a great season it will be for you. Where I am at, we are on the complete opposite side of the coin.

    I wear a pedometer while hunting just so I can log how far my dog and I walk and so far this year we have logged a little over 22 miles in the 3 weekends we have been out combined, and we have moved exactly 12 birds with only 3 in the bag. Color me jealous. Enjoy the rest of your season.