Sunday, August 20, 2017

Getting Ready

     It is time to get ready for bird season. The young woodcock and grouse of the year are old enough to fly, so we have been running the dogs in the woods with their bells on. Maggie, our youngest, is showing her smarts and acting like a champion. The older girl, Colby, still likes to show off and finds her share of birds, but her older joints have slowed her down some. It brings great joy to see them pointing side by side.
     It is important to get the dogs in shape, and us too. One of the important things is make certain dog's toenails are ready for hard running. Here is an excellent link that shows proper trimming.

Good stuff to revive boots.
     The shotgun needs to get some serious use too, to freshen up the muscle memory. It has been way too long. Boots are new and broken in, and there are plenty of shotgun shells on the shelf. Maybe the Filson pants need new wax.
     One of the nicest things about upland hunting is there isn’t a lot of paraphernalia needed. It’s time to start pouring over maps and plan the season.
Ripsnorter Magalloway Magic showing her stuff last year.