Sunday, May 19, 2019


     Unwillingly, the snow finally left, but patches remain on the north sides of hills a handful of miles to the north. Ice lingers on Third Connecticut Lake and only recently departed Second Lake. Continued cool weather has stalled the leaves and there are reports of snow flurries in the higher elevations.
     The winter’s record snowfall and spring rains have swollen the streams. Some of the valleys flooded and logging roads washed out. Most of the back country roads are still gated and the ATV season has been put on hold. In the stream below the house the water temperature is only in the mid-forties. Trout fishing will have to wait for it to warm and the volume to decrease.
     The garden is ready to plant, but only cold tolerant things like onions and peas have gone in so far. Twice in the past week frost covered the morning ground. The grouse drum in the woods, as impatient as we are.
     May is mostly about waiting.