Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Skeptic…

     Being a skeptical Yankee, I might be a bit slow to accept new ideas. At my age, I’ve seen enough new ideas come and go to let other’s try them first before I jump in.
     One of the reasons I love upland hunting is there isn’t a lot of gear needed, unlike duck  hunting where you accumulate a boat load of decoys, calls, waders, and the list goes on.Turkey and deer hunting can be almost as bad if you let it. Upland hunting only requires a shotgun, a fistful of shells, and a bird dog, and I’ve heard tell some do it without a dog, but I can’t imagine that. 
     Anyway, a company that makes a product called Swab/its contacted me to see if I wanted to try a few samples, for free. Being a New England Yankee, the free part caught my attention.
     Opening the package kindled my skepticism. The foam tips looked like they would dissolve in gun cleaning solvents. Would they last more than one use?
     Well, I’m a believer. The little Gun-tips are great for cleaning inside the gun, getting the dirt out of all the corners and they don’t leave lint behind. Solvents don’t affect them and when they do get dirty I have just washed them out with warm water. Maybe the manufacturer doesn’t want to hear that.
     The bore swipes do a good job. I keep one for solvent and another lightly oiled to run through the bore when I think it is clean. So far so good. They come in a variety of gauges and calibers.

     Sometimes a new idea comes along that works.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is Your Cat a Killer?

Woodcock eggs
    We have all seen housecats coming home with a mouse or bird in their mouth, looking quite proud. Recent studies are showing housecats killing staggering numbers of birds and animals. Ground nesting birds, such as grouse and woodcock, are very vulnerable.
     If you have a neighbor that allows their cat outdoors, test your diplomacy and get them to read the link below.


Friday, March 3, 2017

More on Neutering

    For the last couple of decades we were told that if we didn’t spay or neuter our pets we were irresponsible. Possibly, we were rushed into this new mantra without looking at the side effects. Below are the results of two more studies that delve into the side effects.

    I know one case does not make a study, but my experience with our oldest German Wirehair Pointer, who I had spayed at a young age, confirms, in my mind, much that is mentioned in these sites. If it were possible, I wish I could undo the damage done and put off her spaying possibly indefinitely, or at least until she had been a couple of years old.
    Life is one long learning curve.