Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Pup

     A friend stopped by with his young Brittany pup yesterday. The dog is five months old and full of energy, as all pups should be. Skeet is the dog’s name. He comes when called, is well mannered, curious, and appears fearless, all the right makings for a great bird dog.
     We took the pup out to the fields behind the house and I planted a couple of pigeons in launchers, hiding them among the weeds.
     Skeet was having a ball, exploring everything and running about, clueless to the meaning of a bird dog’s life. Finally he found one of the launchers, and while I steadied the dog, my friend launched the bird. Now that really got the dog’s attention. He bounded about following the flying bird. I think I could hear him saying, “Wow that was neat, wow that was neat, wow that was neat.”
     When Skeet finally settled down we guided him over toward the second launcher. After he found it the dog’s owner steadied the dog while I launched the bird. Little Skeet dashed about the field again following the second bird. What fun!
     Skeet was off and about again, enthusiastically exploring as only a puppy can, when one of the pigeons flew back overhead. He spotted it and immediately took off chasing it again. There’s nothing wrong with that dog’s eyesight!
     Skeet is going to be a champ.

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  1. I like first introductions to birds. For reasons I can't explain, I've fallen into a patter of getting a puppy and then a year later getting a started dog. I feel no distinction between the dogs, loving them both as much as I can, but in both instances a decade or so apart, the dogs that I've bought as puppies are always more attached. Getting a puppy is good, even if it costs you a few shoes. Nice read!