Monday, August 29, 2011

It is all so true...

I don’t remember where I saw this, so won’t take any credit any of it, but it’s so true….
You might be a grouse hunter if:
you're still looking for a "lighter" shotgun
your truck has a lot of scratches on it
nobody knows where you hunt
your wife has the GPS coordinates & instructions for "Search and Rescue"
your hero is a man named Llewellin
you've NEVER EVER spoiled a bird dog
obviously you know what "ruffed" means
you own a 28 gauge
you shoot with both eyes wide open
you've ever successfully pulled off a "shot from the hip"
the floor board of your truck is covered with empties
the dashboard has 2 left-handed gloves
there's a bottle of Ibuprofen in the glove box
your legs lock up in the middle of the night
you're on the lookout for a "lighter" pair of boots
your key rack has a whistle hanging on it
your hands don't heal up till Easter
you like a dog with "ticks"
you don't mind being alone
your favorite pants have never been washed
nobody poses when you take a "snapshot"
you're not a "meat hunter"
you miss a lot
you don't care that you miss a lot
you've got tail feathers on the wall
you know how to tell the sex of a woodcock
you've been "turned around" but NEVER lost
you know how to use a compass
you think strip mines look kinda nice
Autumn Olive is your favorite tree
your dog box is in the back of your truck year-round
your dog rides in the cab with you
at least one of your kids has ridden in the dog box
your hat falls off a lot
your dog can "hunt dead" for a lost glove
you don't like summer vacations
your idea of a "get away" is Grand Junction, Tennessee
you can say "King Ruff" & "Thunder King" with a straight face
you've ever traded a deer rifle in on a shotgun
you keep pictures of your dog at the office (or in your wallet)
you can't wait for the leaves to fall
you like to walk logging roads
you don't wear fleece
you hate windy days
the forearms of your favorite shirt are tattered
you keep finding feathers on the floor
you've ever slept on the couch with a setter pup
you find dog hair in your cereal
you walk the golf course just to get in shape for hunting season
your dogs wear "jingle bells" on Christmas
and you're tired of hearing, "You hunt what??"

If anyone knows the author I’d love to give them credit.

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