Friday, July 15, 2011

When does your bird season start???

The next bird season starts the moment you stop hunting at the end of the present season. 

Think about it...don't you recall all the places you found birds and want to hunt again?  Maybe when you get home you'll write them down or mark them on a map.  Successful hunters do.  And aren't there places you meant to hunt that you didn't get to?  I always start a new list of places to hunt, maybe writing down the location and why it should be a good spot.

In my neck of the woods Christmas comes not long after the end of bird season, so it's an opportune time to replenish worn out clothes or gear while having others pay for them!  A lot of time goes into picking priorities.

And then hours are spent looking over Google Earth during the winter, trying to memorize what the good bird country looked like and then trying to find more.  I guess its hunting for hunting spots.

And then when spring comes its time to look for the couritng woodcock and listen for the drumming partridge.  And the dogs need to be run and maybe worked with a bit.

My gunning season may stop, but my bird season never does.   

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