Sunday, April 30, 2023

Big wind, Rain, and Drumming Grouse

 Spring in the Northwoods sort of sneaks in an inch at a time. There's a hint of warm weather, then snow swirling in the air. Rain will soak everything, then wind will dry it up. Gravel roads will turn to mud a foot deep and streams are swollen. It is best to have firewood ready for the stove.

This morning we ran the dogs on an old grassed-over logging road. It felt good to have firm dry ground under the feet, even though it had rained during the night. Home now, wind is rocking the trees now. It will be a good afternoon to sort out flyfishing gear and tie flies. Rain will come again with the night. 

But as we walked earlier, grouse drummed on the hillsides. There is no finer springtime sound in the Northwoods. 

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